The Derringer

Rubber Band Gun Plans

These little cuties are a real favorite, they are very easy to make, and with the right rubber bands they really shoot good. They fit easily into a shirt pocket, and, like the real derringers did, they make a great "hideout" gun.

Want to see it shoot? I put a few videos, click below

small derringers by 7up can

With a bag of the small clothespins from Michael's or Wal-Mart, you can turn these out in a hurry. You can get the small rubber bands at Office Max or other office supply stores. If you are into craft shows, these will sell great at about $5 each.

2 different sizes

The "big" derringer uses a standard clothespin, and shoots larger rubber bands, but as you can see it's still not very big.

Bonus... with these plans I'll also send you the plans to make the simple "regular" clothespin rubber band guns free. These can be made to shoot either 1, 2, or 3 shots with one clothespin.

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