The Luger
Rubber Band Gun

I often wondered why nobody would make a good looking rubber band gun, so I decided to do it myself. Fron the reactions I've had so far, it isn't just the boys who like these 10 shot semi automatic repeaters, the girls do too.

2 luger rubber band guns

Here are 2 finished luger rubber band guns, one with a short barrel and one a bit longer. Great gifts, Not hard to build, and as I said the kids love them, but maybe you ought to think about painting the gunsight flourescent orange, don't want anybody thinking it's a real gun! Oh yes, targets and flies only, not other kids.

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cherry luger

Then I finally thought about a tapered barrel. Made a couple on the lathe, nothing to it. Then thought about the woodworkers without a lathe so I made one with the drill press just to see if it would work, no problem! These 2 lugers are made from cherry, you can see what you can do with better wood. Click here for plans for the tapered barrel and how to use a drill press as a lathe, works pretty good.

Click here to see an easy way to make the nice cherry knobs.

Click here to see an easy way to match the grips to the frame.

New clothespin luger

You don't want to put out the $$$ for the plastic parts?  Check out my latest, a 2 shot Clothespin Luger.  Even easier to build, and is a real champ, a great shooter.

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You can get your plastic parts here or here.
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If you still haven't found the free rubber band gun plans, click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

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