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Rubber Band Guns quit handling websites so I decided to go with  I believe I have it done now...  I still have the address, and now have a new one for Las Vegas Plans,

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This is the place you can buy plans to everything from the Derringer rubber band gun to the 20 shot semi auto shotgun, and the 30 shot full auto machine pistol. Oh yes, free plans to the plain old simple clothespin rubber band gun.

The Luger

I put a few videos on, you can see the videos on each of my web pages.  In the background you can get an idea of the shotgun (top), tapered barrel luger, dowel barrel luger. Don't miss the derringers, that little rubber band gun is everybody's favorite!  See what other people think, click here .

I got the Thompson Submachine gun made and the plans drawn up,  Click here The Tommy gun to check out the plans.    I finally have as an extra addon, plans for the full sized tommy gun, Check the tommy gun page. 
All 3 Thompson Sub machine guns
So many different ways to make the tommy gun, the plans are up to 10 pages now, lots of photos.
New!  I finally got the DVD for the tommy gun made, it runs a bit over one hour, shows step by step "How to do it" with lots of tips thrown in, click here.

tommy gun pistol

The machine pistol, a detachable stock.

If you still haven't found the free rubber band gun plans, click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

You can get your plastic parts here or here, click on accessories.


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Machine Pistol

Sliding Wedge Machine gun


The Tommy gun



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Las Vegas Plans