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Years ago when I was a kid, we'd just cut an L shaped piece of wood and use that old black tape to tape the clothespin on. Fun! Cops and robbers, cowboys, you name it, we had a ball! Of course our hands got dirty from the tape but who cared. Yes, "you could hit somebody in the eye!" But I never saw anybody hurt too bad, anyway, be careful. I have to say that now, I'm not a kid any more.

So, anyway, when my grandsons wanted to have a war, they came out to my wood workshop pleading for a rubber band gun. This is a little better than what they got.

different sized rubber band guns

You can make these rubber band guns any size you want, consider the size of the rubber bands and the wood you have. These are lots of fun to make and you can use just about any lumber you have on hand.
You will need some wood (even pressed wood will work) ¾ inch thick. A 1" by 2" is best, lumber is measured before it's dried, so a "one by" is ¾" thick. I used dowels, also made the handle separate and glued it to the body of the gun, you could just cut the whole thing from a piece of 1X4, if you use plywood be sure to sand all the splinters! Measurements aren't even important, but the handle should be about 2 ¾" tall. I also dowel the handle to the body, if your dowel hole isn't perfect, you can always sand the parts to match. Notice the pencil line, this is the angle I drilled for the dowel.

Glue the handle to the body. First, put a light coat on both pieces and the dowel, then clamp. If you don't have the clamp, use rubber bands.

When dry, you could just tape a clothespin on, or rubber band it on, but I prefer to use 3/16" dowels and glue it on.

Just take the clothespin apart and drill one hole through the clothespin and into the handle. Put a dowel in to hold it straight and drill the second hole.

Notice the holes are through the side with the spring… Also notice how I sanded a groove where the rubber band will go from the clothespin. I also sanded a notch at the front of the gun to hold the rubber band. Glue the clothespin on, clamp with rubber bands. When dry, spray a shot of clear Varathane or what have you and you're done. One more thing… Notice the half twist in the rubber band. This will help keep the rubber band in the groove.

Now where's that cat? Just kidding. Just targets kids, no pets or people… This little shooter works just fine, even with the thick rubber bands! Oh yes, you can buy rubber bands at Office Max at around $3 a pound, that's a lot of rubber bands! Be sure to visit LensCrafts and Las Vegas Plans again. Have fun, Leonard

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